Valian Hawksword

It ain't gonna save you from a hungry owlbear


Ranger 5


Valian is a Goth ranger from Derland, His mother Veronika was a prostitute and his father was unknown to him. Count Nashan Hawksword was a noble patron of hers (but very unlikely to be his father), and he grew up telling himself that he was secretly his son and that he’d come for Val one day.

When Val left to make his way in the world, he adopted the name, and as he had traveled out of Hawksword’s lands, did not expect that it would ever be a problem. Valian has a disregard (ignorance) of social mores, and saw no issues with taking a nobleman’s name.

Val’s mother never really had time for a child, because she was a whore, and liked whoring. As a result, Val was raised rather jointly by most of the prostitutes in the bordello, and considered most of them his aunts. Even Aunt Veronika. The madam of the brothel was the one Val called mother. Mama Evalyn. He has not kept contact with either his birth mother or Mama Evalyn, although he didn’t leave on unfriendly terms.

Valian Hawksword

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