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  • Calandar

    *Months* Janus Februs Marchus Aprilus Mayus Junius Julius Augustus Septembrus Octobrus Novembrus Decembrus *Days of the Week* Moonday Zuesday Hermesday Marsday Herasday Posideonsday Sunday *Phases of the Moon* New Moon: 1st …

  • Halflings

    Halflings are really short and nomadic people. The party has had dealings with one famous halfling family, the [[Tosscobble Family | Tosscobbles]].

  • Orcs

    Orcs are savage humanoids, known for waging wars, particularly against [[Elves | elves]], [[Dwarves | dwarves]] and [[Goblins | goblins]].

  • Gothic Wars

    The Gothic Wars were a series of battles that took place over a few decades, in which the [[Hellenes]] successfully conquered the [[Goths | Goth]] peoples of the forests and plains. They also pushed back the savage [[Nords]] to the farthest reaches of …

  • Takhamen

    Takhamen was the first [[Mizraim]] emperor. He is brother to the mythological woman who caught the eye of the elf king, whose marriage brought the secrets of arcana to the human peoples of the world.

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