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  • Goblins

    Goblins are divided into three (main) peoples, goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears. Goblins are small, cowardly creatures who are often cowed by more powerful entities into service. Hobgoblins are militant warriors who wage wars of genocide against …

  • Halflings

    Halflings are really short and nomadic people. The party has had dealings with one famous halfling family, the [[Tosscobble Family | Tosscobbles]].

  • Tosscobble Family

    The Tosscobbles are a [[Halflings | halfling]] crime family. The party has friendly dealings with them thus far. The following individuals are known to belong to the family. [[Jack Tosscobble]] - a crime boss of the family [[Lidda Tosscobble]] - an …

  • Orcs

    Orcs are savage humanoids, known for waging wars, particularly against [[Elves | elves]], [[Dwarves | dwarves]] and [[Goblins | goblins]].

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